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Twins Ano and Tako. They were both sold for adoption 21 years ago to two different families. They grew up in two different cities and had no idea they were twins. Ano and Tako found each other by accident from a Tik-Tok video.  

—---- On June 20, 2002 twins were born in Kirstkhi maternity hospital in Georgia. They were both sold for adoption in 2 different families by the staff of the hospital.  

Ano and Tako were one of the twins separated at birth. Knowing nothing of each other’s existence, they found each other in 2019 via Tik-Tak video, when Tako (right) pierced her eyebrow. A confused friend wrote to Ano asking her when she got the piercing. Ano said she did not.  

“I always had this feeling that someone was following me everywhere I went, everyday I had the same dream of a little girl, dressed in black, asking me questions about my daily routine”. Says Ano.